• what is the linux for the ps2 for??
  • Think of it like a free version of windows for your PS2.

    In theory you can load a browser onto it and surf the net (when the modems and hard disk are out), load word processing, spreadsheet, graphics programs onto it and much more... just like windows.

    Obviously you will need to plug a USB keyboard, Mouse and possibly Printer into your PS2 to get the most from this software but its all possible using Linux.
  • You're just asking to get a flaming by Linux users saying it's "just like Windows",boss. :lol:

    Linux is an alternative operating system to Windows.A couple of the more common versions of it to use on a computer are made by Mandrake and Corel (I think they still have their version available,haven't seen much on it lately).

    Here's what is in the kit:

    Internal hard disc drive (for PlayStation 2) (HDD) with a 40 GB capacity
    Network Adaptor (Ethernet) (for PlayStation 2) 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface
    Computer Monitor Cable (for PlayStation 2) (with audio connectors)
    USB Keyboard and Mouse (for PlayStation 2)
    Linux (for PlayStation 2) version 1.0 software distribution on 2 DVD-ROM Discs

    This is basically to let you use the PS2 as a computer.It is meant more for the computer hobbyist-it doesn't help in any way regarding games.As you no doubt know by now a hard drive is coming soon for the PS2 for use with games (like Final Fantasy 11,which is due early 2003 if i recall correctly).If you were looking at this kit as a way to get the drive early for compatible PS2 games forget it-once the drive has Linux installed it is no longer useable for the features the games would use it for.

    You can learn more about the kit via the FAQ at http://playstation2-linux.com/faq.php .
  • You don't HAVE to install Linux, it's not like anyone's putting a gun to your head. You can just use it like a normal PS2.
    IMO, it's actually a good deal. For a little more than the cost of a normal PS2 (or the same price?), you're getting the HD, ethernet adapter, keyboard, mouse, and 2 cool looking coasters B) . So you're all ready for when the PS2 goes online (you don't want coffee stains on your table ;) ).

    If i hadn't already got my PS2 (i'm one of the suckas who paid AU$750 for it <_<) i'd buy that without hesitation. </font>
  • The Linux kit isn't exactly for normal PC browsing...it's actually a very cheap developmental station for the PS2...It allows you to actually code games for the PS2 and to save them on the HDD.....No burning to disk...since it doesn't have a burner installed. You will also need to use a memory card with this kit....and it will require the full card so this will have to be a card bought just for Linux with no game saves....meaning nothing on it...Oh you got that? heh, heh. If you're into creating and coding games then the Linux Kit is for you!! This is about all that you really need to know... Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.


    The PS2 and the Linux kit are sold seperately and actually the HDD will not work with any of the titles regardless right now because the only way it can be used is with a browser...ie.Linux
  • Aren't you creating a game madhtr? The linux kit is basically what every body is posting about. Just wanted to ask madhtr
    a question!!
  • Yes, i am creating a game but it's a PC game....I didn't have the Linux kit back then when i began work on my game and i'm too far in to restart the entire project. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • thank you all for the info
    looks like i'll buy it