how can i get online??
  • yeah i have dsl and i plugged my network cords into the router and back of the ps2 i have the slim line and it wont let my on line i dont have the disk to set up the network all the way tho is there any games that can do it with out the disk??
  • Most PS2 games with online capabilities will have the set up routine on there. To get there start up the game as normal and go to the online portion. When you get to "choose a connection" you should see just the one option, "make a new connection". Select that and you will be on your way. I would suggest using one of the Sony-published titles such as the SOCOM series or Hot Shots Golf: Fore.
  • thank you now just to get the socom game thanks again
  • you need the disk if you dont have it you cant get online.
  • In some cases yes, but like Lyn explained some of the online-enabled games have the set up routine on there, so with games such as Socom and Hot Shots Golf: Fore you will not need the disk to get online on them.