• hi could somebody help me out with my internet connection. i cant play online games on my ps3 . it keeps saying- unable to establish connection ???? its for the game fight night round 3 . thanks in advance .:mad:
  • We'll need to know a bit more about your current hook up, Joey (connecting wired or wirelessly, using a router/ direct connection to the modem, if using a router what brand and model, etc.).

    You may want to check out some of the other threads regarding internet connections here- we've covered just about everything over time, i think.
  • Maybe you just cant establish a connection to the host on fight night round 3? Can you sign in on your PlayStation Network account? That would prove that you have a connection. When signed in you could try connecting to the internet with your PS3, (Click on the internet browser icon). If all of that works fine, then it sounds to me that you cant establish a connection to the host.
    Have you got any other games you could try online?