i got a few cheat codes for the scarface game on ps2 and i need help with them
  • I got a few cheat codes for the scarface game on ps2 from another site, but i cant get them to work. I was wondering if maybe you could help me out??? have you heard of them before and maybe i just wrote down the code wrong,? or any kind of help possible would be much appriciated. Thanks. Here's the codes:
    1) The Red Ferrari: it said to enter 'TheBeauty' but it wont fit???
    2) No Cops: It said to enter 'NoBust' and no cops will chase you but nothing happens when i enter it.
    3) Lots of Drugs: it says to enter 'GoodMan' and it will give you 1.5 million grams but nothing shows up after entering it.

    I really hope you are able to help me out, hopefully there really are cheat codes for those three things, it would make the game a whole lot easier.

    Thank You.:confused:
  • Far as I can tell those cheats are bogus. I did find a few cheats you may be interested in, however- just pause the game and select "cheats" to enter these in.

    FLYSTRT to decrease the heat from the police.
    NOBALLS to cut back gang heat.
    OLDFAST for the Ariel Mark III.
    666999 for the Bacarini.
    MEDIK for a health refill.
    AMMO to max out your ammo.