• How do i get home on my PS3? A friend told me about it and linked me a youtube video of it to me in intstant messaging .. This was befor i got my PS3 and the home icon is not on my PS3..
    How do i get it? I only seen a video demo of it on PLAYSTATION NETWORK on my PS3.. How is it that there are lots of people have it that are not beta testers or anything like that and all i find is coming soon and a video...??? Help.. I really want to get into this Home thing with all my online friends..

    Thank you....
  • The only ones that do have Home are the beta testers- any of them found sharing the beta find themselves out of it (as well as the person/ people they shared with) along with possible bannage of their PS3 from online play. Not just their ID but the PS3 itself, blocked via the MAC Address. Trying to get Home this way just isn't worth the risk.

    Now, Sony recently said they were going to extend the closed beta but invite new people into it so there is a chance for you and me to get in on this yet. They haven't announced the exact when/ how of it but that should be coming in the next couple of weeks. The open beta will be arriving in Fall 2008 now.

    Anyway, from what reports I have seen the goings- on in Home are somewhat dull as not many of the testers are in very often (which is probably why they plan on the expansion).