I can't sign in on Playstation Network
  • Hello!
    I am new on these forums and I have a problem with my PS3. I have my ps3 for 1 year and it I havent had any problems with it until today.
    When I try to sign in on playstation network I get error 8002A548. I am absolutely sure its not my internet problem because it worked just fine on Friday, aand when I connect on my other accounts I dont get that error, I connect just fine. I have 3 accounts, 1 UK and 2 americans. I cant connect to my main american account but my other accounts work just fine.
    Can anyone please help me

    Help me pls.
  • One solution i have seen given for this error is to go into your router settings and disable uPnP.

    The problem may be in the US Sony servers- lately i have been getting the occasional boot from online tourneys in Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds.
  • Yeah but why does my other american acc works?
  • This is why I'm leaning more toward this being a glitch on Sony's end in this situation, in which case there is nothing you can really do about it.
  • Yeah its a glitch at Sonys end. It does happen quite a lot. Its happened to me a few times...:rolleyes:
    Try signing in again in a week or so, the problem may be sorted by then.