• I have a question about manhunt2 for ps2.
    I'm stuck, I need to kill all the people in the rooms to open the door, but I can't open the last door where this guy is.
    thank you very much
  • Can you tell me the name of the chapter you are in? makes it easier to figure out what advice to give. ;)
  • I don't know the name it is in the first part, in a sex club or something. there are some characters killing people in rooms with two ways mirrors
    I don't remember the chapter, sorry!.
    let my know if you need more information, I haven't played that game for a long time
  • Ok, I'm going to hazard a guess at chapter 3, "sexual deviants".

    Make a bit of noise to lure him out and then you should be able to kill him. You should then be able to head to another hallway with more cells.
  • Yes, you guessed. thanks
    but this guy is listening to music, I tried to hit the door to make some noise but it didn't work.
    What can I do?
    thank you again
  • Tapping the walls is suppose to lure the guards out. Try breaking a mirror as this may work?
  • _ You seems that you are playing the UNCUT version of the game :cool: ,

    . To solve the problem you should head to the room with the Electric Chair
    There should be a HIDDEN DOOR on you left Hand That lead to the 1st room. :D
  • thank you very much for your time
  • Hi, I'm now at the graveyard with my wife's corpse, I know I'm supposed lay her to rest, I put her body in the grave but nothing happens. What am I supposed to do?
  • Hmm that should be the end of the stage once you reach the spot on the radar...

    As soon as you step in the hole it should cut to a film scene of Danny with shovel.

    Edit: I did some digging and found a video of it at: YouTube - Manhunt 2 - ps2 - Episode 15 - Personality Clash