Citreon Xsara Gear Settings
  • the xsara seems like a good rally car, but when ever i pull away from the line, the car spends a couple spinning out before you can get away leaving you to chase down a gap already. what settings can i change to fix this?

  • All I know is the higher you set a gear level, the faster it will acellerate through that gear. Maybe you should lower the settings for first gear so that the car doesn't acellerate too fast and burnout, and increase second so you make up for the slower start.
    Experiment a bit and i'm sure you'll figure it out. Good luck! B)
  • I found with this car ya just need to work the throttle a bit, Takes a bit to get use to but this is where the wheel and pedal setup comes in handy.
    Even with the wheelspin I find that I can chase most rally cars down anyways.
    Keep racin to keep winnin