smugglers run 2 help
  • ok so i just beat smugglers run 2 and didnt save :( kinda stupid of me but i dont want to beat tyhe game all over again so do u guys have level cheat tht actully works and were do u pause the game to enter it? plaese help im almost in tears here -_-
  • We don't have a level skip cheat for that game and I'm not sure many other places do either, other than maybe some bogus cheats that don't work. As for where to enter the cheats that are around, just pause the game while playing the level and enter them in- they should be active when you unpause.
  • what level the misions or free play wich one????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????be more spacific:frown:
  • Like I said, pause the game during gameplay. It can be for either.
  • ooo sorry man im stupid i usally dont use cheat codes