When Hard Drive Comming Out?
  • When is The PlayStation 2 Hard Drive comming out? :o
  • From what I know the earliest it will be realesed is September, but I am not totally sure. Madhtr probably knows so he can tell you.
  • Well, they(Sony) has been working on when they should release it and right now it doesn't look like anywhere before late this year or early in 2003...I have heard a rumor going through Sony that it may not be until March but they're really hoping for a fall release. I shall post here as soon as i get the news on it. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Hey mad! do you know how much it will cost so i can buy one!
  • It should be about $150.
  • ok thanks speedDemon. i got a couple more questions for ya is it easy to install? where do i get it at? and do i put in in that this in the back of my ps2?
  • It would be a simple matter of inserting the drive into the expansion bay in the back of the PS2 and then turn the system on.There most likely will be a disc with instructions and some software.Sony would be making sure that the installation is as painless as,say,using a memory card.As to where you would get the drive,it would be available at any retailer selling PS2 systems and games as well as just about every online site selling PS2 games..
  • This is just a rumor through Sony but the price may be set at $80. I got this from some of my most reliable "sources" so i believe these are what's planned at this time but we shall see what happens when it is finally set for release. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Mad did Sony decide to drop the price with the recent drop of the PS2?
  • Hmm...that would be nice if your source is correct on that one,Mad. :)

    I haven't been seeing much info at all lately anywhere regarding the drive any more-it seems Sony is being somewhat quiet about it for now.
  • Mum has become the word on the HDD just like the online plan was before E3....it was very hard to drag out any info back then....If it's going to be released this fall then you can expect the announcement late this summer...and if it's decided for Spring release then you can expect a TGS announcement...if not sometime around then. If this is the set pricepoint for the HDD, Speed, then you can bet that the reason is that they felt that $150 sounded a bit too much(as it does). Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Sure hope to see the HDD this fall. The sooner they can get it out the better for all of us and developers who want to make updatable games. Games like Socom and Tribes are some of the best online action coming up but with no HDD it will be hard to Download new multiplayer maps to keep the gamplay fresh. GT4 or Online whatever they call it would be much better if you could download new cars and tracks etc.....
  • The sooner the better Evil....Hopefully it is this fall but we shall see.....i also am hoping for that price i had quoted because that would be a very nice deal!! It will be nice to have episodic and updateable titles for the PS2 and as soon as the HDD is released you can expect to see them fly to shelves. I'll keep you up-to-date on the release and price as soon as they're officially announced. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.