Medal Of Honor: Front Line
  • :D Does anyone know any codes for MOH:Frontline? I would really like it if someone could find a invicible code or god mode or something like that. thanks! :D
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  • badboy, you want cheats you can have cheats :)

    I looked around for abit and found these...

    Pause game play, then press Square, L1, Circle, R1, Triangle, L2, Select, R2. The game will automatically resume.

    Unlimited ammunition:
    Pause game play, then press Circle, L2, Square, L1, Select, R2, Triangle, Select. The game will automatically resume.

    Silver bullet mode:
    Enter WHATYOUGET at the Enigma Machine. Green lights will confirm correct code entry. Select the "Bonus" option underneath the Enigma Machine to enable/disable this cheat. Silver bullet mode allows enemies to be killed with one shot.

    There were alot more but just stupid cheats these were the more important ones and if they dont work don't come crying to me becuase i haven't tested them. :ph34r:
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  • here is the complete list, at this time. (only 1 missing as far as i know)

    BOING - Rubber Grenades
    ORANGUTAN - Unlock Level 2
    BABOON - Unlock Level 3
    LEMUR - Unlock Level 5
    GORILLA - Unlock Level 6
    MONKEY - Receive a Gold Medal on the most recently played mission.

    Achilles Head Mode
    Enter GLASSJAW in the enigma machine to unlock Achilles Head Mode. Now enemies only die from head shots.

    Gold On Previous Level
    Go to Options then Passwords. Type in TIMEWARP then you will get a gold on the previous level.

    Press: Square, L1, Circle, R1, Triangle, L2, Select ,R2

    Invisible Enemies
    Type in WHERERU at the enigma machine to unlock Invisible Enemies in the bonus section.


    Perfectionist Mode
    Type in URTHEMAN at the enigma machine to unlock Perfectionist Mode (One shot kills you).

    Snip-O-Rama Mode
    At the type writer, put in the code LONGSHOT. This will activate the bonus, SNIP-O-RAMA, which will make all guns aim like a Sniper Rifle.

    Bulletshield -BULLETZAP Now you will not be hurt by bullets. Be forewarned that explosions and punches will still hurt you.

    Men with Hats - HABRDASHR Every character will now wear a random object on their head. Grenades, debris, anything!

    Unlimited Ammo w/ No Reload
    Pause the game and press O,L2,Square,L1,Select,R2,Triangle,Select. The screen will be automatically unpaused.
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  • I passed MOHF in one rental no codes. Using codes is all good and I have no problem with it but on easy MOHF is way to short as it is.
  • The master cheat (unlocks all levels as golds and other stuff) DAWOIKS at the enigma machine :P

    sry i had to find it again :D

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