• I'm on the first mission in neo tokyo.I guess the point when I follow the hacker is to avoid the cameras and not be seen but how do I avoid the flying police.I just cant escape the red light I can see on my indicator or what ever it's called.Or am I missing the whole point?
  • If any of the cameras are causing you too much trouble, shooting them down is the method to use. And use the temporal uplink to keep check on whether you've been spotted.
    Just think i'd point out, you do not necessarily have to follow the hacker. You can if you want, but this would be the hardest way to go. Another route is, to turn right and jump off the platform into the street. Dodge the camera in the middle of the street, and when past it go to the left wall and sneak past the camera on the right. Turn left down what looks like a dead-end alley, sneak past the camera and head for the roll-up doors. Now when you reach some black boxes with words on them (convieniently placed right in front of a camera:rolleyes:), you need to sneak behind them. Do this in the brief second where the camera turns away, and when behind it immediately duck down. Now wait for the hacker to show up and wait for her to go down the steps in front of you. Once she's out of sight, wait once again for the camera to turn away and then run down the steps. Follow her until she reaches some Laser beams, deactivating them, and then run through the doorway and objective complete!

    Good luck...:)
  • Shooting down the cameras is no problem.It's the flying policecar that comes slowly gliding over my head every minute or so.I just can't avoid it or should I shoot at it or something?In that case where?
    And thanx for the games you suggested,I will surtenly check some of them out.Not much of a Ratchet-fan though.I like my games a little more hardcore.
  • No, the police car purely, has to not see you. Try staying as close to Krayola as possible without her seeing you and this should hopefully get you past the police car and across the walkway. If this does not work, just keep on trying with the knowledge that that you have to avoid the police car, its all up too you from there...;)
    Ratchet and Clank is hardcore. Theres plenty of in-game collectables and rewards to achieve which gives it massive replay value. I've spent a lot of time completing them 100%...:) As for the other games, no problem...:)