Advice on good games
  • Maybe this is not the right forum for these kind of questions but I'm gonna ask anyway.I want some tips on good games.I havent played for many years but started again early this year.I have gone through some games sins then and the games I really liked and got totally stuck on was the third Timesplittergame(outrageous or something I think it was called),King Kong and Gun.Games with a good story that is not to complicated I guess is what I'm looking for.I apreciate all help.
  • Hmm it seems like your into gun games, which is where i would recommend Black. Also Ratchet and Clank 2 is a great combat game even though not an FPS, but both have great stories that are not overly complicated. Star Wars Battlefront, the Medal of Honour series are also good choices, and with a change from the gun games i would truly recommend games like Prince of Persia and God of War etc.
    You could try looking through the PS2 platinum collection, as this is where a lot of the groundbreaking games released on the PS2 will be for drooling over...;) And at a great price aswell.
  • i agree with you totally there rob prince of persia and black are two very good games,thought prince of persia was a bit hard though :redface: GTA games are also a good set of games.
  • Yes, i definitely recall the Prince of Persia series taking some serious brainpower to progress on occasions. And a lot of tough combat sections!
    If you ever need any help with them, you know where to come..;)

    Yes, the GTA series is great! I agree with you there.
  • _ You can give Battlefield : Modern Combat a Try