alone in the dark the new nightmare
  • Hi ya i am new to this site and would like help with alone in the dark the new nightmare, i am stuck in the chapel and need the code to get out, there 9 emblems and try as i might i cant find the answer, please help as i am pulling out what little hair i have left, many thanks
  • You are playing as Edward Carnby, correct?
    You need to input the three correct emblems to progress. You can find them yourself by combining your Blue Lens with your torchlight and searching for the blood symbols, (one on the church's door, and two outside while following the blood trail).
    If you want me to save you the trouble, here are the three correct emblems to input:
    Press Emblem 3 (the emblem furthest to your right on the top row of the panel)
    Then Press Emblem 5 (in the middle of the second row)
    Then press Emblem 9 (furthest right on the bottom row)

    After inputting these, the altar will move and reveal some stairs. Go down, and when you reach a turnstile, use the seal you got from Aline to turn it. Go straight, and you will see another panel which requires another seal, leave this for now and just continue on to reach the Laboratory. Enter.

    Hope this helps, Good luck...:)