• I have recently bought Splash Down for the PS2 and finished the game. The problem is that some times in the game play it freezes or slows down real bad. I also noticed that when I would watch the ending video's of each player it would do the same thing. Can anyone tell me why this is doing this. I have a felling that they just rushed the game and didn't work out the bugs.

  • the same thing happens with mine, I thought it was a dodgy disk, but it must be software problem, the problem must be more wide spread that you and I thought it was... what a bummer it was a good game even though the videos don't work!!
  • i had problems with the music (not SFX) but not slowdowns. i just set the music to min and everything else is ok.
  • I had problems with the music skipping, but no slowdown, freezing, or sound effect problems. Actually now that I think about it the only time the songs skipped was in the intro movie and ending movies. During gamplay the music was fine.
  • yeah same here, I wonder if its something to do with the PS2's mpeg decoder, maybe it will be sorted out soon when they update the drivers.
    heres to hopeing!!