been quite a while my friends
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    Hello to all, I've been scarce as of late, and do apologize. If none is needed than disreguard that as a moot point. I guess I've been busy doing actually nothing. There is of course work and raising a family, but my spare time has been spent gaming and not posting.I just cleaned up my E-Mail and had 543 unread messages if that tells you anything. As of late, my job is going well. We just started a 5-6 year contract at the local Air Force Base up here, so hoorahh for job security. Wife is going through some medical problems which concern us, but she is now on a leave of abscence from work until everything is rectified.
  • Good gracious jdm, I've been wondering where you snuck off to.

    As far as your 14 year old daughter is concerned, treat her nicely but don't be too overprotective.;) That's about all the advice I could give you there because I was a 14 year old female once.:)

    I'll keep your wife in my prayers, but glad to hear that you all are mostly doing great.
  • Easy for Mel to say...

    I always told myself that if I had a daughter that i would be over protective. I would find it hard not to be. Its instinct. I do agree that there is a fine line between overprotecting and getting it to the point that she pretty much avoids you. I cant speak from experience....yet.

    I do hope that your wife gets better.

    Welcome back.