out of no where I think my ps3 hard drive is done?
  • Turned on my ps3 and got a message saying that my hard drive needed to be rebuilt so I hit enter. a message then stated that an error occured during the reduild operation and that that the hard drive on my ps3 needed to be re formated but it will stay at 0% forever about 3 hrs. Is that normal or is it time for a new hard drive? Please help I'm so confused!
  • No, I would say that is not normal behavior. You may want to consider buying a replacement drive- the PS3 uses normal SATA 2.5" notebook computer hard drives. You can find these at most computer stores or go online to places like buy.com, newegg, tigerdirect, etc.. Sounds like a convenient time to boost up the storage capability. ;)
  • also looks like a reason why I should buy the games on disc and not download them from play station store , unless someone knows of a way to back up a ps3 hard drive ??????
  • The only things that really need backing up are your game saves and data. Any titles you purchased at the playstation store can be re-downloaded at no charge via the download list.