• iam tryin to log in to the ps3 networks but its failing and sayin timed out and showin that number.
  • I will need to know a bit more about your hookup, astrid. Are you trying to connect wired or wirelessly? If wired, are you using a router (if so, what brand/ model) or connecting directly to the modem? If wireless, what is the signal strength shown for the connection on the PS3?
  • first of all i have to sa that it is a american ps3 and we tryin to get it work with a router ( wire) in germany..the router is a samsung 3010 Phone SL..
    an ideas
  • Well, if you have access to the router set up on your computer you may want to try a few things:

    1. make a custom IP address for the PS3 under the DHCP settings and put that IP address into your PS3's network connection

    2. Find what the router says are the DNS addresses and enter those in manually in your connection settings on the PS3

    3. Go into the Port Forwarding of the router and open the following ports:

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100

    Once this is all in place you should be able to get through the router. Unfortunately, I can't find an online manual for this particular model so i can't guide you as to where to click in the router pages.
  • we tried it all and it doesnt work..
    this is some of my router information..its just weird because we can go online but when we test the internet connection the ps network failed

    do u know what the number means i put under the title?

    Internet Access

    Input the Internet access data that you received from your Internet Service Provider.

    Operation Mode Router (PPPoE/PPPoA)ATA (LAN1 for WAN)DSL MODEM
    Router (PPPoE/PPPoA) Use Samsung Router as DSL Router
    ATA (LAN1 for WAN) Use Samsung Router as ATA (LAN1 for WAN)
    DSL MODEM Use Samsung Router as DSL Modem
  • That code usually means the PSN is down/ too busy. You may need to just try again later.
  • the internet on the playstation 3 work when i do a internet connection test the playstation network say failed... the ip address are the same on the computer and the playstation3... i piss off that i cant play any game online.... i have a playstation 2 also and i have no problem just ps3.... also when i try to sign in it take long time then it said if it take to long check the network connection.... i hope u can help me by what i just wrote u thank u
  • There's your problem right there- you have the same IP address going to the PS3 and your computer, creating a conflict (IP addresses can only be assigned to one device at a time). Set up a different IP address for the PS3 and you should be ok.
  • can u give me one to put in if u dont mine.... thank u for everything
  • Just change the last portion of the IP address- if your IP is for the PC (example only) then go with something like 110 in place of 101.
  • i change that and now it saying an error occurred during communication with the server this is a dns error (80710102) before i change it the internet connection was succeeded but it said fail with the playstation network
  • Ok, now just get your DNS addresses matching with what is shown in your router settings- that error means they don't match what is being given.
  • ip number i put in 192 168 220 110 what do i put in for default router number?

    and my primary dns 192 168 220 100

    and my secondary dns 192 168 220 220 so what have to do exactly after that
  • u still there... it not working at all.... i wish it would work
  • Those do not sound like they would be the correct DNS Server numbers- those would be more IP addresses the router can give out if needed. Your DNS addresses should be listed on your router's connection summary or you could contact your net provider's tech support and ask them for the correct DNS addresses.
  • i still have problem with the playstation 3 network.... i really want to play online... it always saying 80710b23 error.... i trying to play my madden 2008 online... is there anything that can make that a succeed on my internet connecting test.... anybody that had the same problem please tell me how to fix. it or i am taking the ps3 back...
  • It sounds like, you've just got all of your settings mixed up. Nothing wrong with the PS3. Try and get your DNS server numbers right, by following Lyn's advice, and i cant see why you shouldnt be good to go from there..