Any way to control multiple consoles?
  • I would like to start a DDR club at my son's school. I can only find information for 'group' DDR on the Wii platform. I would MUCH rather run this on PS2, for several reasons, but it appears the best I can do is get two players going at one time (the Wii supports 4 players, which still isn't great). I am not looking for multi-player functionality as a means to cut cost; I would really like to have the whole group on the same song at the same time. If we just have a separate controller for every two players, even if we attempt to start at the same time, we will inevitably be off by a little bit, which seems like a pretty chaotic scene would ensue.

    My dream environment would be to have central control over all the players, then once a song starts, each player is seeing their own steps and score. I am prepared to have controller, pad, game and TV/monitor for each player, but looking for some creative input as to how to make this work for a group of about 16 - 20 people without it being a mess! Does this make sense what I am asking about? Any ideas about how to set this up with PS2 controllers would be much appreciated.

    I really don't know much about the PS3, so I haven't addressed that platform here, but if you think there is something helpful with that, I am all ears. Thanks!
  • Other than having separate systems/ tv/ controllers/ copies of the game for each player/ pair of players I don't think you have any options. You'll just have to make sure everyone does their best to hit start at the same time.

    Only other thing I could think of (and this is a long shot) is if you had multiple wireless controllers you might be able to somehow rig one to connect to all of the USB dongles at once.