Grand Tourismo5 prologue
  • A class races I cant complete,, sigh

    A7...A8....A9 ...A10

    What car will win the A7 A9 and A10

    and how the hell can you win A8 the best I can do is 15th lol
  • It all depends on which car you prefer, there are no suggestions as to which you should use as its down to the individual, i suggest picking the type you like best and use that one.
    There is no set way to win the races, its down to your own personal skill, i suppose. Sorry i cant be of much help....:rolleyes:
  • no worries ,, I just dont have what it takes,, being an 38 years old , maybe its time to hang up the controler.. well maybe not ,, just takes me longer to master
  • :laugh:
    Dont worry, just keep trying and you should get it in the end. Thats always the method that works for me...;)
  • 2 left to master .. god only knows how I did this so far @-_-@
  • You'll be surprised, that when you really put your mind to something. It can be achieved...;)
  • just completed it................but guess what......theres a whole new class now.....s class. fun fun
  • Yep, that £20.00/$25.00 is really being put to use. Has much more longevity than first expected, dont you think?...;)