Leveling Up Easily
  • To level up quickly, put Overdrive-->Ap on your weapons and fight the Cactaur King (capture all of the monsters at Bikanel Island) with the 'Comrade' Overdrive mode on. The Cactuar King uses both 9999 and 99999 Needles. Don't attack him and just guard until he attacks you, and then just revive the person that dies. What does this all mean? It means when one person gets hits with 99999 Needles, your other two party members get 99999 Ap. Try to get Double/Triple Overdrive and/or Ap to really start gaining levels! Trust me this works! Hope this helps anyone!

    - If you can't find any Doors To Tomorrow (which oui (oops I mean you) need to get Overdrive-->AP), just steal from the Omega Weapon for 30 or if you capture all of the monsters in a certain area (I can't remember which) you get 99 of them.
  • if you run out of Power Spheres, Mana Spheres, and Speed Spheres when you're activating nodes on the sphere grid, go to the Calm Lands Battle Arena and fight Kottos in the Species Conquest area. throw a Distiller of the appropriate type at him before you kill him. if you want Speed Spheres, throw a Speed Distiller. if you want Power Spheres, throw a Power Distiller, etc. he'll drop 40 of them.
    spheres can also be used to raise the Aeons' stats, but it's not necessary if you raise Yuna's abilities instead. the stronger Yuna is, the stronger her Aeons will become.
  • I've found that the earlier places give you a lot of spheres, try going to Besiad Island or the Thunder Plains.