gta4 online-not online
  • Hello, I am a new ps3 owner. Bought the system and gta 4 2 days ago. I am having an issue with online multiplayer. Once or twice I have been able to play online. the other 20 some times I get a message that I lost connection to one or more players and am returning to single player. why? I havent been able to find an answer to this ? anywhere. I have charter high speed cable internet and a linksys wired router. when I do a conection test on the ps3, upnp is not available and nat type is 3. I enabled upnp on the ps3. And have set a static ip for the ps3. I know how to get into the router setup but am unsure how or what to do once I get there. :confused:

    with only one game to play on my new system, this is frustrating. :frown:

    of the couple times I did get to play online, it was great. the idea of gta online is a dream come true. right now it is a nightmare. :(

    If it helps, my router is a linksys model# BEFSR41
  • The problem is being in NAT 3- things are too closed down for online play to work properly.

    You have a couple of options here- you could put the PS3 into the router's DMZ, which would put it outside of the protection given by the router. Your other choice is to go into the Gaming and Applications tab and into the port triggering. I here you would need to open certain ports used by the PS3:

    * TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    * UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100

    Once you enter all of these in and save the settings you may have to power cycle the router (turn it off for a minute or two and plug it in again). When you plug it back in you should be at NAT 2 and be ready to game.
  • I enabled DMZ on the router for the PS3's IP and opened all of those ports. Saved the settings and cycled the router already. But the router has 3 areas to open ports: Port Range Forwarding, Port Triggering, and UPnP Forwarding.
    I opened the ports in Port Range Forwarding. Is that correct?
  • Finally found where to enable UPnP on the router. DUH
    Worked like a charm. Thanks for the advise though. And such quick response! :clap:

    Now if I could just get to some good weapons before I eat rockets! LOL
    Come see me in Liberty City.
  • Now if I could just get to some good weapons before I eat rockets! LOL

    Lol, i know. I dont agree with the spawning system on the game at the moment. Once you die and spawn somebody spawns behind you and kills you straight away. Sometimes theres no chance to do anything...:rolleyes:

    Still, its brilliant!
  • Guess I spoke too soon. I was able to play one game. WTF? I keep getting the message "lost connection to one or more players returning to single player"

    this is bull! I only bought this shxt to play GTA IV online! and it will not work! If this is a problem on my end, will someone help me out. If it is a universal problem fill me in, I dont see many other complaints on this issue. So far I am not impressed with this system too much. the store is cool. downloading demos has helped calm me down between atempts at GTA multiplayer. however I realized, after trying a few games, that most of them suck. $450 for a system with very few decent games and a severely flawed GTA? COME ON NOW! mabey sony should quit worriying about new features (such as HOME) and work on some interresting titles.
    dont get me wrong, I love playstation, and I know it is far superior to the other crap out there. BUT . . . they have way more games out. ace combat? why dont we get that? 120 gig system with mic for the price of a 40 gig ps3? GTA IV WORKS FINE ON 360!?!?!?!?

    just kidding, I'm not mad. Wait, YES I AM!

  • and what was up with that update I had to download today? what the FXCK did that do anyway?
  • That update was to supposedly fix the connection errors people have been getting while trying to go into the online play.
  • all I have to do to fix the problem is get on here and bxtch a little and I seem to get online w/ GTA every time. lol
    played in free mode w/ a bunch of cool people from 12am till 5:30 this morning. what a blast!
  • That was the patch you downloaded, taking effect.
  • Well it is still hit and miss. sometimes I can get in and sometimes I get the "lost connection to one or more players" message. and when I accept an invite to a friends game I see "this game no longer exists". I hope another patch is coming to address this situation. :( I just want it to work like it is supposed to.
  • Part of the problem may be the servers not being quite up to the amount of traffic they would be getting. If that is the case the only cure would be to expand on the existing servers.
  • Which is sure to happen sooner or later. GTA IV being such a big game and all, things will be perfected soon enough...:rolleyes: