ps2 ticking noise when running
  • it sounds like the disc is rubbing when i start up the unit, the noise doesnot go away, any suggestions other than tossing it away?
  • The disc lens could need a little fixing with and maybe pushing back. But it could be just the sound of the console working. Every console makes noises and sounds when its on. Is it causing you any problems, when playing games etc?
  • mine is doing the same thing but it starts makinga lound noise then the game crashes
  • If your PS2 is under 3 months old you'll be eligible for a new console free of charge from Sony under warranty. If not, i'm afraid you're going to have to buy another console, your current one sounds like it's on it's last legs.
  • ye but it looks like the the lens is jamming bocause it only moves up and trys to keep moving up
  • Might be worth taking it down to your local game store then, see if they can do any repair work for you.