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    [quote]Hello all
  • I think you both are just mature enough to not engage in petty fights. I read an article a few weeks ago that said that those who are married pretty much expect fights, but marriage does not necessarily mean there's going to be constant fights.

    If I were you Nec, I'd not look at everyone and compare my relationship to theirs because every relationship is different. You and your wife have probably just reached a point where you don't feel the need to fight.:)

    Glad it's going so well for ya! I imagine that it will probably be among your top 5 things to be thankful for this thanksgiving.:)
  • The best way to always have the last word in an argument........is to say sorry!

    Best advice i can give, married 10 years inAugust and although we have had fights, they have always been about something that matters.

    I drive my wife mad because she will ask me what i want to do, and i will almost always reply "whatever........." That sounds lazy, but if my wife and my 2 girls are happy, then so am i.

    Good luck on the future, you have to work at it and never take each other for granted, but sounds to me like that won't be a problem.
  • and a friend of mine were having a conversation similar to this the other day. About how fantastic married life is!!! SOmetimes i just find myself stopping and just watching something tiff is doing and thinking how crazy a ride it has been - but *sorry for the soppiness* there is no one i would have rather have done it with. ROugh and smooth we go through it al together - thats how marriage should be!
  • Me & Jane fight all the time. Who has the TV, Wii, biggest chicken legs, bed space, clothes space, etc, etc.... & I all ways win!! (then I woke up)

    Been a year already & it sometimes feels like yesterday and some like 10 years later
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    i feel bad, probley the oldest on her it happens.
    anyway, i've been stuck on this game for two months now, it eludes me how to proceed, God of War 2, Temple of the Fates?has anybody passed this part, if so can i get a hint? thanx