Basics of a network system.
  • I noticed that people tend to have various problems in connecting their ps3 to a network so I though of posting this as a basic help to understand the basics of a network system. This will help them solve their issues easier.

    So this is the basics.

    Step 1: Understanding how a network system communicates.

    For a system to be connected to a network, it needs to have its own UNIQUE address just like every house in the neighborhood.

    This address is knows as the IP ADDRESS. Of course, since we are talking about devices, it only understands numbers. A typical address could be:

    The above are four numbers that represent an IP address. Typically the address above means the following:

    192.168.100 part is the street name so to say

    .1 is the door number

    That is, 192.168.100 represents your network address. Anything connected to it needs to have that initial number layout (street name).

    The .1 is the device number (door number). Each device needs to have its own unique number.

    Each number cannot be greater then 254 and cannot be a negative number.

    But how does this work in real life you might ask.

    The router will be the box that will be responsible to sort all this for you. The instruction manual will tell you the typical IP address of the router (that is the default setting).

    So let