ip address fault using ethernet cable
  • hello im am having trouble getting my playstaion set up to go online i am using an ethernet cable to my laptop and every time i go into the playstaion to set it up i just keeps saying "attempt to obtain ip adress timed out" what do i have to do to fix it.
  • To get your PS3 to get online this way will require you to activate Internet Connection Sharing on the laptop and then make some configuration changes on the PS3. If you go to Microsoft's Knowledge Base and do a search for "internet connection sharing" along with whatever operating system you have on your laptop you should get the exact instructions on how to do this.
  • Hi, I am still having trouble I have activated internet sharing already but no love. I have also tried entering the ip address manually this gets me a little further, now its found the ip address but wont connect its saying "an error occurred during communication with the server this is a DNS error" what else can I try?
  • Did you set up manually the defauth gateway too when you set up the IP adress of the PS3?

    This should be the IP address of your laptop if I am not wrong.
  • yer i manually entered all the numbers, just to make sure im putting in the right numbers could you please explain where to retreive each number on windows vister that i need to enter into the playstaion?
  • Go to the Command Prompt in the Start menu and type in ipconfig. This should bring up the numbers being used by your computer, including its IP address and the DNS servers.