Help with Spider-Man 3 for ps2...MegaLizard Trouble.
  • Good day fine citizens!! Anyone know how to beat this freakin' Lizard!?! It's the part with the four generators. I can get him to smash 2 of them O.K., but I can't seem to throw him into the other two! I hit the 3 button sequence O.K. and end up riding on his back...WTF do I do at this point? I have read that I am supposed to throw him but I cannot seem to accomplish this. Any help would would be greatly appreciated.

    I wish you all godspeed and always eat your green vegetables.

    SpiderPunk out.
  • Once you are balancing on his back you are to keep the meter that shows from hitting the edges by using the L3 button (push the left stick in). Eventually you will see the circle symbol appear- when this happens hit the circle button to make him hit a generator. When he hits the one the other will shut down- hit triangle repeatedly while standing on the marker to turn it back on. Connors/ Lizard will charge at you- when this happens swing to the other side and put up the switch. He'll charge at you again, just do the same thing back to the other side. This will bring you back to matching the button presses that appear- the third time he's electrocuted should bring the health bar down to near zero. Wail on him with triangle to finish the battle.
  • Thanks for the help. I tried it and I don't see the meter you are talking about. maybe my wife is right and I am just really not very observant! Do I have to press and hold L3 or just tap it...? I really dislike this Lizard;-( Could you possibly dumb down your response for me? I seem to have run out of smart pills today!! Thanks very much.

  • The first time you went through the button pressing sequence it should have given you a quick tutorial on how the balancing on Lizard using L3 works. That should tell you all you need.

    Personally, i wasn't able to get myself to play through that much of this game- not nearly as good as the previous titles.
  • All it said was "use L3 to balance on Mega-Lizard" I'm not quite sure how to do this. You are absolutely right about it compared to previous titles. If I have to rescue one more fruit pie I'm gonna lose it! It's O.K. It's more for my son(Parker BTW;-), he want's venom unlocked. I aim to please. thanks for the help buddy...Sorry so stewpid!