resdint evil out break(plz help)
  • the mission when we go to that hospital when we followed the old man to him suddenly I guessed that the massek one who have an axe is the old man I alaways shot him by many types of guns even flamethrows where do I need to go to kill kim what do I suposse to do in this mission
  • The Old Man is the Leech Man right? To kill him you need to get him to the Fixed temperature lab on B2F. To get there you'll need to find the code on floor B1F, so go to the elevator control room on this floor and go to the computer to type in a four digit code. You'll need the part of memo from the office earlier on. The PART OF MEMO says "Red chemical code +WXYZ". The file containing the red chemical code will be found later, but it is 1210. Add WXYZ (2345, 4105, or 7001) to 1210 to get the solution. The possible solutions are:

    3555, 5315, and 8211.

    Just type them all in until you get the right one. Also type in 0930 to get you access to the rooftops. Getting the right code will allow you access to floor B2F. Now go back to the elevator and take it to the rooftops to collect some ammo. Now then, take it down to floor B2F and go to the fixed temperature lab. Once Leech Man drops in, check the controls and set them to high. Tell everyone to get out and watch Leech Man's demise. There you are he will no longer bother you....:D

    What you are suppose to do in the mission is just follow it through. Its a part of the story i guess, so you have to play it...;)