Dvd Playback On My Ps2...
  • hi - i'm having trouble playing DVD movies on my console (which i bought jan 2002.)

    i took the rented discs back to the outlet and as you might have guessed, they played fine on a stand alone DVD player. what could it be - just an isolated problem with that disc or what?

    i always thought that the DVD playback capability/quality of the PS2 was about the same as a stand alone player? i also think that the driver's are the latest one's.

  • I think what your problem is that your ps2 has something wrong with the dvd capility. Maybe it's to dusty in there.
    If you have any more problems about your dvd playing just pm me and I'll try to help you.
  • Hmm...strange.Do any of your DVD-based games have this problem as well or is this limited to just the movies? :huh:

    If you do have the latest DVD driver on your memory card then the discs should have worked as one of the features was to get rid of various incompatibilities some DVDs had with the PS2.

    The only thing I can think of that would prevent the movies from playing is the DVD lens may be out of alignment causing the laser to not be able to read the data.If this is the case you have the options of either having Sony fix it (thereby not having a PS2 for a couple of weeks as it would have to be sent in) or,if you still have the receipt and the return policy is good,take the system back to wherever it was purchased and try to exchange for another unit.
  • That is a strange problem, please post here when you get a solution to this problem. It would be interesting to know whats causing this and how it can be fixed.