Help-PS3 Not Showing, No Audio or Video. Using A PS2 cord
  • My girlfriend gave me this game as someone gave it to her and she does not play video games. It did not come w/ an A/Vcord and thus I am using a PS2 cord. Any other tips on making it work?

    Thanks in advance :huh:
  • Whoever gave her the PS3 must have been playing it on a high def set. Still, an easy fix.

    get the system into standby mode (red light showing on front) and hold the power button on the front until you hear a second beep- should only take a few seconds. This will make the PS3 detect how it is connected to the tv and set it's video output accordingly, letting you enjoy your gaming.
  • Thanks, I did that. Still no pic, is it possible that this may be a bad unit? How can you determine the GB's of the console?

    Thanks again.
  • It is possible that there was something wrong with the unit or it could be the cable you are using. Also, you are sure you have the tv set for the proper input?

    Once you do have a picture going you can go into the Settings menu, scroll down to System Settings and select System Information.