After You Save Maria And Blow Up The Copter
  • the only mision i found was her lover,and the guys name was marty,i just compleated it again withought running over the guy thet blows marty away,but thats it theres no more missions anywhare.
  • what percentage of the game have you complete?

    have you done all the import export missions?

    have you got all the packages?

    have you done all the rampages and buggy bomb missions?

    done taxi, and other services missions to get the bonuses?
  • there is nothing more u can do after that but the items of work majik described!:)
  • 51% completed.
    51 ot of 100 packages found.
    4545 people wasted 1075 wasted by others.
    1031 cars exploded.
    44 times busted 240 trips to hospital.
    774 gang members wasted122 criminals wasted58 helicopters distroyed.
    1257 miles traveled in car 231 on foot.
    $340k daily pokice spending.

    well im really disapointed the game is actually over halfway through no more mob bosses,just rampages and packages to find make up the other 50%,thats noit fair,no wonder people are already talking abought #4 already,how do they expect you to continue the game that way,with an ending halfway through the game!give me one good reason why i should continue the game,and just not start another game.

    well I pretty much lost intrest now,i have i think 4-5 caRS left in the inport export mission,and took my fbi car to the electro magnetick crane in the shipyard,and only got 1500 $$$ for it,it was real hard to get,you would think they would give more for the fbi cars,and this whole time i thought there would be more bosses,and why does the music at the end say "kill maria"? whats the deal with that? you dont get the chance to kill her why would it say that?is this game going to be like soul reaver was one big game thet they couldnt get on a single disk,so they cut the story in half then re-made soulreaver 2 for ps2?becouse the story was too big,is that why soulreaver one is long...60 hours,and soulreaver 2 is so short 8 hours?
    well i loved soulreaver 2 but it sucks thet i can sit down and from beginning to end beat the game in one day,i have finished blood omen 2 3 times now and its better becouse you have more dark gifts and you can sneak up behind in the mist and pull a bruce lee and rip there heart out from behind.
    well enough of this post im going to make one for blood omen 2.
    thanx for youre help.
    now im gona cry for a wile becouse i cant kill maria hahahahahaha see ya :angry:
  • As KFH stated HERE, you do indeed get to kill Maria (you only get to hear it, not see it).

    With only 51% of the game complete, you still have serious amounts of gameplay yet to do. It sounds like you still have more than a few of the side missions to get through.