• yoo guys new here..and i got a problem..:(

    Ok..I was playing cod4..everything was ok..but like after the game is finished it goes back to the lobby..but instead of going back my screen went black lolz..couldnt put it off with the ps button so had to do it with the behind button thingy on the ps3....Then i restarted it and tried it again...now the map didnt load..lol wtf..-_-...and again it crashed while u see the loading map thingy...so again had to put the ps3 off on the bad way...Then i restarted it bla bla..couldnt read disk..lol pwned...so later i tried it again...its like..i can play multiplayer..get in a server..map loads..i can play...but after it, my screen turns black lolz....so really have nooooooooo idea what the problem is lol...oh and GTA crashes when i click multiplayer on my mobile..so its not only cod4 :(

    thx for reading lol..hope someone knows how to solve this..
    and srry for my bad english.
  • Well, the screen going black after a game on CoD4 has happened to me before. But it didnt cause any problems after restarting the PS3. This could be a problem with the disk. If you can take it back to where you purchased it and ask for a replacement CoD4, then see if that works. If not it may be a problem with your disk drive or the PS3 system itself, so that would mean a phone call to Sony tech support and a replacement (if your one year warranty is still valid) in a week or so. But it may not be that bad, so i would try a new CoD4 first.

    As for GTAIV most people at some stage have been having freezing or multiplayer issues within the game. Sometimes a delete of the game data works (in the game utility folder), or it may sort itself out. Patches are being released by Rockstar too, to counter some problems so you may want to wait for a bit to see if one can help you. Other than that, if the problem persists i would have to recommend getting a new copy of GTAIV too, as i dont think this issue is a problem with your PS3.

    Hope i've helped in some way...:)