PS3 Internet Conn. Using Mobile Broadband
  • Hi my friends,

    I have this situation. I connect to the internet with my laptop using a mobile broadband Franklin CDU 680DOrA. I create a cable RJ45 with the send and received inverted. I try to connect to the internet using the PS3 but my computer shows in network places "Limited or No conectivity".

    Its any way I could connect the USB mobile broadband( that already have Linux instalation software) in the way I could run directly from the PS3 or could be better to run it from my laptop as server and how?


  • The PS3 won't go online with your modem connected directly- it isn't set up to detect online access via the USB port.

    What you will have to do is set up your laptop to act as a "gateway" and connect the PS3 via normal ethernet cable to the port on the laptop. The "how" will vary depending on your OS. A Google search for ["internet connection sharing" +Ubuntu] (said example is if you are using Ubuntu on your laptop, minus the brackets) should get you the step-by-step directions.
  • Thanks,

    I will try and ley you know later.