How Can I Pick Up A Whole Car Load Of
  • i read somewhere thet you can get a bunch of them in youre car and get eaven more bonus health,but i cant get anymore to get in once i have one in the car.
    Has anyone ever had more than one get into youre car?
  • Get a patriot, in those you can get 3.
  • three! hahaha,wow what a stud i am hahaha does it give you more than 125 health?
  • No, you can not exeed 125 for some reason.
  • Just to see if they really go at it I picked up a truck. The truck with the glass in the back and the big know like a FORD truck. I went to a dark alley and all they do is sit there while the car shakes. I was heart broken but found a loop hole to see the truth.
  • what do you mean found a loop hole?
    i just hit the look right button and you can see her sitting next to you,and i think theres a way to look in the back seat too but i cant remember.
  • i've never been able to get more than one in the car except when i'm doing the Fuzz Ball level. did you know if you use the look to the left button while you're in a tunnel you can see a close up of Tanner? i've never tried it with someone else in the car, but it's cool to see him aiming the Uzi out the window while he's driving.
  • well i can get two in my taxi (no i'm not a towl head couse that's what the taxi drivers are) and i can only get the health up to 125 that's the limit
  • Can you only use a large vehicle to pick more than one up?
  • I have picked up 6 in a bus, only during the "Fuzzball" mission. Gene and his "loopholes" ;) , I perfer to pick them up in a convertible, that is some quick "action" :lol:
  • you picked up six ia a bus!!!???? WOW!
    i thought thet a bus driver had a stressfull job.
    have you tried to look in the back to see what there doing back there?
    7 cant get on me but six wont kill me?
    now THATS entertainment.
    you must really like those chicks huh?
  • I picked one up in a banshee but when you do it the roof rises (only happens with prostitues) and it's just the same as any car, boring.