GT5 vs Race Driver GRID
  • Well, i think i just heard the bell toll for GT5, and it is Race Driver GRID.

    Played the demo and its awesome! The multiplayer is excellent, none of the nanny state penalties like in GT5 prologue. It can be annoying getting rammed going into the first bend but i prefer this to GT5's answer. Also, NO LAG.

    Also, players can vote to kick players off for excessive ramming.

    Anyone else played this game?

    Your thoughts folks, i just can't see how GT5 will compete.
  • I played once the demo of the Grid and it's fast... very fast. The sensation of the speed is better than in GT5. Maybe too much. Or maybe I'm just not yet used to the game. The brown color in my demo is maybe somewhat too present. I've never seen the track so brown. But that say on the Grid site, that the grafics will be better in the final version. Didn't play online so can't tell. But I'm not a big fan for it. Prefer do the complete season by myself. If the final version of GT5 will be like the Proloque, (the crazy missions, etc), I will not buy it, for sure. For a real simulation Nascar 09 will be out in June, so the racing game would be this one and Grid, and F1 simulation as well
  • not played online with this one yet but I'm liking this one,i do agree that it's fast but that over time you just get used to it,not that much of big fan of GT5 i like to see damage in racing games gives it a bit more realism....race driver grid gets my vote.
  • no offense as you both know i think your good lads howver this disussion i find kinda pointless gt has ultra physics that carnt be rivaled plus all the enjoyment an arcade raxer has but with more class. There is no mach to gt and i guarantee there wont be for a long time.
    call of duty match we gotta have one.
  • Everyone's entitled to their own opinion Sam.;) Still GT will always get my vote.:D
  • i disagree, yes GT has looks and realistic physics, but is no fun at all.

    My opinion only, but there you go, just shows there are somethings even Northerners can't agree on.

    Nice 1 sam, will be on COD4 tomorrow hopefully, will watch out for you, you too Steel.
  • I think Grid is better than GT5 it is more fun
    i completed the GT5 prolouge in a few hours it doesn't have as much variety as Grid
  • Just spent a few hours playing the free multiplayer demo and apart from about 5 great races the rest were like demolition derby !

    Time after time there was people driving the wrong way around the track, and others who just waited for people by the side of the track and then smashed into them.

    If anyone buys this game, can they confirm below if the retail version still has online problems like this please ?

    Single player was nice enough though, but I do worry what the next F1 game will be like if it uses the same in-game engine. Codemasters have just won the rights to produce the next official Formula 1 game and it would be a shame if it turned out to be a 'pretty' arcade crash-em-up like this... albeit fun.