• I've got all the main Aeons (Valefor, Ifrit, Ixion, Shiva, Bahamut). Can someone tell me how to find every single one of the secret/missing Aeons? Thanks! B)
  • if u want to get hold of anima u will need the airship.....

    input the co-ordiantes
    x axis=11-16
    y axis=57-63

    u will have to then fite a difficult boss named geosgaeno but protect youreself from death and petrification and u will have victory...
    reply after u have them and i will tell u how to get the magus sisters

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  • You can get Anima, Where you fell in the bigining to Spira.
    The lost Aeon from in the lost Valley place near the Calm lands after at the bridge but you have to pay for him to go.
    You can also get another I shall tell when I have got it ok.

    You can also get Dark versions of the Aeons, I know you see Dark Valefor is at Besaid and Dark Behamot where you fight Yunalesca. You also have to beware these are tough to beat and you have to fight them in the end but the more Aeons the better right.

    I am on the verge of getting them all and when I know where they all are I shall tell you.
  • I don't know where they are, but the Dark Magus Sisters are obviously really tough. I've heard they have 8,000,000 life.
  • Originally posted by Sapphire@Jun 22 2002, 08:43 AM
    You can also get Dark versions of the Aeons.

    Its not actually possible to get the Dark Aeons, they are just an extra challenge.

    To get the Magus Sisters you need Anima and Yojimbo. You then need to go to Remiem temple and beat Belgemine's Bahumat. You will then get an item. Then you need to capture all the fiends at Mt. Gagazet and you will get another item. Once you get these items go back to Remiem temple and go to the sealed door. Now that you have all those things you should be able to get the door open. NOTE: you need to press (X) twice, as one seal opens and there is another after that.

    Hope that helped.
  • You can also fight Belgeme and get items for fighting her Aeons in the Remeiem Temple, including the Magus Sisters once you get them.