harry potter and the order of the pheonix
  • im stuck. majorly.
    ive just found fred and georges swamp box in the coutyard near the viaduct. i have to climb to the castle roof but i cant get there! i can't find a way to get to the top!
    help please?!?:confused:
  • Find the red cross near the bottom of the fruit tree and stack two benches on that red cross. Use them to climb up onto the ledge above. From there you can climb up onto another ledge then onto the roof. Use reparo on the hole in the roof, so you can walk across it. Then use reducto on the roof of the turret to reveal the swamp box. Finally use wingardium leviosa on the swamp box and it should automatically land in the courtyard. Then use reducto to open it.

    I'm not sure exactly, which swamp box you're on, so if the above is wrong, this is what to do.;)

    In the paved courtyard, follow the stairs in the corner until you reach a broken pipe. Use reparo on the pipe and then climb up. Go left along the first ledge you come across, when you reach the end don't go up, keep on going left along the next ledge. When you reach the end of that one, climb up to the roof using the drainpipe. Follow the roof around to the end and you should find the swamp box. Use wingardium Leviosa on it again, and then when back in the courtyard set it off using reducto.

    Good luck...:)