PS2 video issues: PAL/NTSC
  • Hi,

    I am having issues with my PS2. I've had it for about 5 years or so and brought it with me from the UK when I moved to Canada so the player itself is PAL. I've got an NTSC tv and I've bought a power transformer and a PAL->NTSC video converter so now all the colours etc are displayed OK, but the picture itself is scrolling down the screen - like the horizontal lock isn't adjusted properly but my tv doesn't have one - it's a Sony LCD. I've tried it on my girlfriend's tv - a standard TV and the same problem.

    I've also bought a replacement PAL->NTSC converter thinking it might be something to do with that, but the same issue.

    Anyone got an idea as to how I can get this working! I've got a few PS2 games that I'd like to use and am not keen on rebuying them all!!

    Thanks in advance!
  • It sounds like the converter to me too. Have you tried a completely different type (make,model) of converter? It may be your PS2 or the TV having problems with your converter/s and therefore the picture being distorted.
  • I've tried a different type of converter (make and model) and the same thing. And I've tried it on a different type of tv (with both converters) - same thing.
  • Only other thing I can think of being the problem is the cables going from the PS2 to the converter. Would you be able to try a replacement set of cables?
  • I've replaced the cables and the same issues are encountered. I can only guess that the problem lies with the console itself.
  • I would actually say it's the converters, but if you are totally sure that you are using the right converters and other accessories, it may be time to think about buying a PS2 native to your region...:)