Theres An Electro Magnetick Crane In The
  • under it and it says we dont want that model,what does that mean?,i dont think i have a mission started here,i read that post abough6t the inport export mission,and i cant figure that out,witch garadge do yopu go to,one thet is blue with numbers on it?or one of the green doored garages in the left far area of the shopping yard?
  • the vehicles that you need to park under that crane are cop cars and vans, ambulances, fireengines, FBI cars and the tank. they pay you for delivery

    the garage is also in the shipyard and if you put your back at the boat you are looking at the back wall of the garage. there is a list of wanted vehicles on the front door.

    hope it helps :)
  • you also need the Barracks OL for the emergency vehicles mission. when you deliver all the emergency vehicles you'll get an unlimited supply of any of them you want.

    same thing for the Import/Export garage. once you deliver them all, you can get all the Securicars you need and bring them to the nearby garage with the number '2' on the door. delivering Securicars doesn't add to the % complete. the import/export missions are worth 10% each, and the emergency vehicle mission is worth about 5%.
  • You should park an ambulance or police car whilst fitted with a bomb so when they go in they blow up and the sirens go off, this also gives you 4 stars of wanted level automatically.
  • hey Majik i know what yu are talking about but i havent never ever finished the list and,i was woundering what do you get after you take the cars there and you finish te list???
  • Mikey - when you have finished the side mission (and this goes for both import / export missions in Portland and Shoreside and also the emergency vehicle mission in Portland), you will receive a wad of cash, but the best thing is you will be able to go to the various garage or spot and choose a vehicle to drive away in.

    You get access to all vehicles that were delivered during the mission and they all constantly respawn, so you can take any vehicle as many times as you like!

    With the emergency vehicles - under the crane you will see an icon which represents each vehicle - simply walk through the appropriate icon and then it will be lifted off the nearby ship and dropped where the icons were.

    For the garages - do the same, but when you have choosen the icon you then have to walk out of the garage - the garage door will close and when it reopens (about 2 seconds later) your car of choice will be waiting there for you to drive away in!

  • Gideon's Right,

    I have now completed both the Import/Export garages and the Emergency Vechiles mission. Man it was hard to steal a tank and an FBI car, but now I have unlimited supply of them and the tank makes it very easy to complete the Vigilante missions.

    All I can say is I no have an unlimited supply of tanks begore I have even finished the game and it is awesome.

    :D :D :D
  • hey thanks Gideon,I was woundering what happes when you finish w/ those cars and crap!
  • park emergency vechiles under it