Anyone Big On Legacy Of Kain Series?
  • and soul reavrer 2 is only 8 hours,and i think blood omen 2 is better becouse it has more dark gifts,does anyone have a timeless apreciation for legacy of kain?
  • I rented Blood Omen 2... I didn't like it. Sure going around town in a Onimusha/Tenchu style and kill people will sucking their blood, I found it a bit...horrible. I could always tell when something was going to happen because the game became choppy. Plus the controls made my character move stiffly. The camera ended up killing me, along with Kain running into invisible walls while gliding over water. I liked the puzzles because they where a change from the regular. The bosses require some thought you should use to beat bosses. (hey I should put that in the Omen review) I am stuck when you save cat women. (the vamp in the cage who helped you in the begining) I haven't played any of the Soul Reavers, but from my Kain experience, I don't think I want to, but if it's in the rental store...
  • I did enjoy the Kain series although I havent played soul reaver 2 yet, but was majorly disapointed with the ending and the quickness that I beat Blood Omen 2........Kain is such a loveable vampire
  • I also rented it and I was very dissapointed indeed.
  • As we've already got two other "Legacy of Kain" threads going on here, I'm gonna go ahead and close this one and one other. Please keep all posts regarding that game in the one open one. Thanks all!! B)
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