I Found A Kain Action Figure,but Had To Go Out
  • if there are more items thet are available,like a poster of blood omen 2 ripping out the guys heart in the mist from behind like it if in the first page of the strategy guide.that is so cool!
    the action figure i found in washington was 20 dollars,its kain as he was in soul reaver not blood omen,they had rasiel as a blue spectral realm action figure but it looked so cheep looking so i got kain,but on the box was pictures of other legacy of kain action figures,and the one i wanted was raziel when he was the lutenent before he was cast into the abyss,that one looks cool,if anyone knows of any more action figures thet are available please let me know,i want them all hahaha,they should make more of them,i think that would be a big market for those things,especialy if they made them cheeper,like 5 dollars instead of 20,heck id like to have all the characters from legacy of kain, and that would be quite the croud hahaha all the monsters and all the clan brothers,as they were mutated and before,and blood omen 2 charecters as well,i want them all haha,heck id eaven like characters from silent hill 2 as well eaven drekan,that would be cool,but what i would settle for is eaven just a shirt or poster of legacy of kain series
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