Logging with a different PSN ID
  • Hello there,

    Is there a way to log in the PSN using different IDs. I have 2 email addresses and I created an account with both.

    One is using a UK address and the other is using my original location.

    When I try to switch from one to another it says that I cannot log using a different email address.

    So is there a way I can use both without formating the HDD?
  • You'll have to set up a separate master user on your PS3, using the other account details for its log in. You can have as many users as you like on a system- save data will be kept separate between users as well as purchases from the PlayStation Store (say, the full PixelJunk Monsters as an example- it will not necessarily work as the full game on the extra name).
  • So if I understood, I need to create a different ps3 user then go to the psn sign in menu and sign up with that user?
  • Yeah, you've got it.