• I have to go with the viper. It's not the fastest , but it has some
    serious speeds indeed. I just bought the car and I love it!! What is your
    favorite speed car?
  • Being early in the game my fastest car is my Mazada MX-5 Miata J. After some long boring races (trust me they WHERE so boring) I finally got all the best parts for it. It has 393 hp. The Beast's (as I call my best cars) top speed is 200mph! It handles nicely on turns going 60mph, but after the turbo upgrades, I now have to brake...
  • The indie cars are the fastest but my favorite car to use is the 3000 gt twin turbo. Because it's fast and it handels well. :D
  • I love the skylines - just beef 'em up some, alter the traction etc and simply powerslide your way to contentment B)

    or for total madness either the Mazda 787B or the Tommy Kiara ZZII in full trim are astounding :blink:
  • My favorite speed car is the Pagani Zonda Race Car. That car is fast!
  • If you want the absolute fastest car (no caring about cornering or steering) it would have to be the big red "Pike's Peak Suzuki" (I cannot remember what its called exactly) it has well over 1,000hp and is amazingly fast. The car isn't that great for most races, but in the quarter-mile or on test course it is the best in my opinion.

    P.S. - Don't forget to buy the turbo upgrade for it, and get some decent tires.
  • I am a great fan of the Skylines as well nothing like a V-Spec at full power and just being able to power slide round corners at 200kph. Is there anything more fun, well maybe in a real car. My best all round car is probably my XR8 Falcon race car man I love this thing. :D

    The sound of the thumping V8.
  • For me the fastest car is the Polyphony001 the car has an excellent acceleration, very good handling and goes more than 350 km/h !!
  • Like the Honda nsx myself but have a soft spot for the ford xr8 as well.(being a avid follower of the touring cars here)
    The suzuki is great for straight line speed but not much chop for races. But it can be worked on to get it to handle better.
    Anyway even if ya can get them to go fast, lets not forget that we need to stop as well. Keep racin and keep ya hopes up.