slow connection!!!
  • Lately on my ps3, ive noticed the internet has been very slow on it. When i do a connection test, it says there is 100%, but downloads, updates, and even getting onto online games takes forever. I am sure it has nothing to do with the connection, because as said, its at 100 % and on my games (such as cod4), i have all four green bars indicating strong connection. What is wrong!!!
  • It could be a number of factors. If you haven't yet you may want to try opening the ports needed in your router for the PlayStation Network data to flow through freely. I've listed these a number of times in the PS3 Console section- a quick forum search for 'port forwarding" should bring them up.

    It could also be your internet connection itself- not the connection to the router but rather the one to your internet provider. Your net provider may have throttled back on the bandwidth a bit or, if on cable, maybe there are more people online at the same time and the available bandwidth isn't as high as you would like. It could also be a problem at the other end. The first couple of days for updates to firmware/ game updates are usually the busiest and the servers only have so much bandwidth. As for the online play itself, CoD4 has been, from several accounts, flaky since coming out and could be a problem with Activision's servers.