The sims 2 ~ Bills
  • i just started the game and im doing freeplay and i've made my little family and have jobs and building the house and right before i left 4 work i got bills and i clicked pay them an went to work but now a thing keeps poping up on the screen saying i have bills 2 days overdue and to check the mail box for new bills if i havent all ready but theres nothing in the mail box and when i pick up the old bills again it doesnt have the option to pay them anymore, just drop them, it wont even let me throw them do i make it stop tellin me to pay my bills?????
  • Ok, there seems to be an easy way of avoiding paying bills, wish the same could be said for real life..:rolleyes: Simply, collect the bills from the mailbox when they arrive and drop it down. Then go to buy catalog, press square to enter grab mode, then select the bill and press square to remove it. You should now not need to pay the bill....;)