• I defeated the boss at the entrance of the chamber where I was supposed to get Anima (at the ruins of the Baaj Temple) and they say something about six treasure boxes and six temples... What else do I need to do?! :angry:
  • Each temple has a hidden treasure in it that you need to use the destruction sphere's to find. I'm not for sure but i think you need the treasure from where you got Bahamut and if you don't get it the first time then you can't go back......i had already got it so i'm not sure on this one. If you want to know all the places then let me know but you can go back to most of the other temples to get the treasure's. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • So much for Anima, then, could you tell me with all the details where are the Spheres on the other temples? So I can get it next time I play FFX whitch will be quite soon... Hoje I don't give you too much work....
    By the way, Whithout Anima there are no chances for me to get the Magus Sisters, right?
  • SkyHigh, when you say Spheres, do you mean the treasures in each and every temple? (Kilika, Besaid, etc)

    Just let me know and I will be more than happy to hook you up with that info!
  • if you're not sure which destruction sphere treasure you missed, go to the room outside Anima's fayth chamber in Baaj temple and activate the statues by standing close to the spheres. find which ones don't activate and check this:
    there are six statues. on the left side, from left to right, the statues represent Zanarkand (Final Aeon), Macalania (Shiva), and Besaid (Valefor).
    on the right side, from left to right, the statues represent Bevelle (Bahamut), Djose (Ixion), and Kilika (Ifrit).

    you can't miss the treasure in Bevelle. they force you to use the destruction sphere and get the treasure just to continue the story. there's an extra treasure you can get in Bevelle but it's not one of the treasures necessary to get Anima.