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    It's a weird day today. My birthday. A day I usually engage in some sort of fun party with people who I call friends. Yet, today is the first birthday that I spent 90% of it here by myself....although I suppose you can't entirely say "by myself". I always have my "pack" of dogs...my two beagles Maddie and Tifa. We played in a kiddie pool and ran around the yard, but it didn't hold a candle to the dancing and jumping and playing videogames that I engaged in last year with my best friend and boyfriend. It's so strange.
  • I'm not a big fan of people making a big deal for my birthday so I would welcome that. I tell you what.. I'll be your punching bag. I can take a few hits.

  • Happy Birthday for yesterday Mel. I think you should demand some sort of compensation from those who weren't around this year, thats a crime in my book...;)
  • dont feel sorry for yuor self lass sounds like you had a chilled birthday its good every couple of years.