• Okay I recently purchased tekken tag tournament and have been having a blast playing it... but I have one problem... how in the name of zeus's butthole do I turn on Pair play so that me and a buddy can fight on the same side??? I've gone through all of the damned options lists and can't find anything.

  • Rustmonkey

    If you go into the Practice option
  • Gideon, I dont think that's what Rustymonkey is talking about... He's talking about pair play, you "should" be able to play with 2 on the same side, but just like Rustymonkey, I could never figure out how to do it... I think it's just a bug or something... :blink:
  • hey all, thanks for the help - by some freak accident I figured out how to turn pair play on... all you do is push left or right on the main menu (a.i. when you select what mode you want to play -vs, arcade, practice, etc)

    Once again thanks,
  • hmm....
    i knew it all along. if i read this topic earlier i would have told you... and hey did you like tekkan tag tournament.....? if you did then c`mon buy tekkan 4... i have one and its great...everything..
  • Just to let you know theres a hidden character wooden guy (cant remember his name) that does not appear on screen selection. Move to the characters at the bottom and scroll far left or right to access.