• I recently started God of War 2, and I got stuck at the part where I battle the sisters. I beat the first sister, but when I try to beat the other sister I always end up dead. Is there a trick to beating her? the place I get beat is when I'm fighting her from the giant sword. Please help!!
  • After she makes her way north follow her and use Cronos' Rage. Once you make as many lightning orbs as you can back off and be ready for an attack. When she fires her green energy blast at you use Argo's Reverse to knock it back at her you may wind up rallying this back and forth several times before someone's timing messes up. If she uses the moving pillars you can avoid these using a grapple point- the walls aren't targeted by this attack.

    Make your way close to her and use a square, square, triangle combo or L1 combo and be ready for her parry after this. After blocking or parrying yourself use Cronos's Rage again and use (S)(S)(T) or an L1 combo. Rage of the Titans would also come in handy at this point to chain together some big combos. Eventually she will flop to the ground once after taking a lot of damage.

    Once she is hurt enough she will flop down in front of the northern mirror and the circle symbol will appear above her head to signify the start of the button-push minigame. At this point the battle should be yours.