Crazy Drivers and
  • If you shoot at cars, sometimes they will go crazy and whip around curves like a drunk in a race. For some fun, jump on the back of a flatbed or any other truck (you fall off cars tops too easy) and shoot the vehicle. After a few tries it starts going! (I like to shoot cops down while in the back)
  • How long can you 'surf' the cars for. I can spend a long time on trucks but very little time on cars. Try surfing on a Cheetah or something, its difficult but very fun.

    Yeah, shooting cops rules. ;)
  • Try this guys and watch the glory!

    1) Get a Banshee and goto Shoreside Vale
    2) Go to one of the factories and ride the car up to the roof from the stairs
    3) Anger the hell out of the cops by making mayhem
    4) When the army arrives jump the roof by means of a ramp
    5) The cinemtic is funny because you hear cops ramming into each other and trying to get out.

    -I do this alot because im bored :lol:
  • I like to drive on the tracks of the underground train stations when i'm bored to see how much damage i can get and which is the best car to use (diablo stallion because the engine roars like a beast!!!).
  • What i do is start street races... i shoot a car next to me (By means of a drive by) and if they take off speeding i try to follow them and race. it gets boring after awhile
  • i can go pretty good on a car when it goes really fast.
    hey coolgamer i do the same thing you do
  • I like to stand on a Bobcat with an AK and shoot like crazy. It's really annoying when they skid round a sharp corner and you fall off, and when the drive off a bridge into water, and when they crash and when I'm criticising too much.